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Thanksgiving Feast, Nov. 25th...Please read!!!

posted Nov 9, 2015, 10:20 AM by Renee Healy

                      What:            St. Leo’s 1st Annual Thanksgiving Feast

                      When:           Wednesday, November 25th @ 11:00 a.m.

                      Who:            Grades Prek 3 – 8th & class parents

                      How????       Class Donationslots of cooperation

                                            &  positive thinking!

Classes are asked to bring in the following...

              PreK 3              - cranberry (2 cans/student)

              Transitions     -mini corn muffins( one dozen/student)

              PreK 4              - mini corn muffins( one dozen/student)

              Kindergarten   -mashed potatoes ( 1 box- instant/plain)

              1st Grade           -corn (2 cans/student)

            2nd grade           -stuffing(2 boxes-Stove Top turkey or chicken flavor)

              3rd grade            -dixie cups(chocolate & vanilla ice cream cups)12 each

             4th grade            - water- 1 gallon/student

              5th grade            - apple juice – 1 gallon/student

              6th grade            - mashed potatoes ( 1 box- instant/plain)

             7th grade            - turkey gravy – 2 cans or jars/student

               8th grade            -- turkey or turkey breast (carved in 

                                                aluminum half trays)

All donations must be nut free! All non-perishable items are due to school on Friday, November 20th.  Ice cream should be dropped off the morning of the Feast.