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  • IXL 15 minutes run on sentences (see what you can do before we start in class)
  • VW pg. 38-40 due Friday 
  • Entry # 5 in IRN is due either Wednesday the 21st or Friday the 23rd (because we are not in school next Thursday)
  • VFW essay is due Friday 10/23- Must be submitted in Google Classroom and a copy must be brought to class.
In class we kept reading The Outsiders and had an excellent conversation regarding the narrator and the choices he was making.  We created two separate charts. The first chart consists of a character list and the second is for character traits. When writing down character traits we wrote down how to prove our thought. This was a great way to touch back on referencing. I enjoyed our conversation and listening to the 8th graders try to decipher information about the main character and the difference between socs and greasers.

Mrs. Baier