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  • IXL 15 minutes run on sentences (see what you can do before we start in class)
  • Vocabulary/Spelling Unit 3 Test Wednesday 
  • Entry # 6 in IRN is due either Thursday 10/29
  • VFW essay is due Friday 10/23- Must be submitted in Google Classroom and a copy must be brought to class.
In class we continued reading The Outsiders and discussed how everything seems very black and white. In the novel if you are from the west side you are considered socs (socials) and if you are from the east side you are a greaser. We've decided that there isn't too much gray and everyone is either one or the other. We talked whether or not that was realistic and if everything could be so black and white. I gave an example regarding stealing and both groups decided that stealing/robbery was WRONG and against the law. When I spun the story and said I was a mother with a sick child and I couldn't afford medicine, thereofore I had to steal it some said that was okay. This led to a great discussion about the "gray area" and how we view it. I look forward to continuing our discussions. 

Mrs. Baier