posted Dec 8, 2015, 1:37 PM by Unknown user
  •  IRN Entry #10 due Thursday 12/10
  • IXL 20 minutes subject/object pronoun 8th grade level due Thursday
  • Short quiz on chart below Thursday - there will be a blank chart with a word bank students must fill in correctly 
  • 1st typed draft of Narrative/Descriptive writing piece with dialogue is due on Monday

Hello 8th Grade Families,

Today both groups reviewed subject object pronouns and were told that they will have a quick quiz on Thursday. After grammar I wrote the question, "If you could sit on a bench and chat with only one person who would it be?" and the 8th graders were asked to write down one person: alive, dead, famous, not famous- it didn't matter. Once they wrote down a person they were expected to quickly write an explanation as to why they picked that particular person. From this exercise we branched out to the actual assignment. Both groups will be writing a short narrative/descriptive writing piece, with dialogue between themselves and the person they chose. I explained that I only told them that they were sitting on a bench, but they were never told where that bench was and what the surrounding looked like. This is giving the 8th graders the opportunity to be descriptive and think outside of the box. Below are pictures from class. 

Mrs. Baier