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  • Unit 6 Spelling/Vocabulary Test Friday 1/8/16
  • Entry #11 due Thursday 1/7/16
  • Practice Who and Whom 8th grade IXL for 15 minutes  due Thursday 
  • Grammar check on Friday

Hello 8th Grade Families,

Today we reviewed our unit in Vocabulary (unit 6) and practiced reading out loud. After reviewing the vocabulary homework we moved onto The Outsiders.  We began reading chapter 8, and it was quite sad. We briefly discussed the end of chapter 7 and then moved onto discussing the beginning of chapter 8. I posed the question  (that is pictured below) and asked the 8th graders to jot down their answer on a post-it note. We went around and talked about whether or not it was right that Johnny did not want to see his mother. This question caused a bit of a debate within the classroom, which allowed a teachable moment to show that people can have varying opinions. One student agreed with Johnny's decision and was able to back up his statement  by stating that she treated him poorly and never showed an interest, while another student disagreed by saying that regardless Johnny's mother is still his mother and it was wrong of him to turn her away. Both students gave excellent answers. 

Mrs. Baier