posted Sep 28, 2015, 1:18 PM by Unknown user
  • Vocabulary Workshop pages 17 and 18 #1-25
  • IRN (reading notebook) due by Thursday 

Hello 8th Grade Families!

Today the 8th graders resumed working on their literary analysis of Edgar Allen Poe's, The Tell Tale Heart. I gave back each of their original thoughts that were written down last week and let them know that we would be focusing on the Introduction Paragraph. We brainstormed and came up with the three main points that support our thesis. I asked each student to create an introductory paragraph using the numbered sentences as a guide. After creating those sentences they were asked to end with a transitional statement that would lead them back to the first point they were making, They were asked to do this so the piece would flow properly. We are working slowly to ensure that each 8th grader understands the writing process and how to create effective paragraphs that prove their thesis. Thus far, the class has been working very well. 

Mrs. Baier